Hi! I'm Nyein. I’ve been making cool stuff for over a decade now. I'm an Industrial Designer, Visual Communication Designer, Illustrator, and a Photographer. I use all of those skills together to build products with personality and experiences that engage people. Together they challenge convention and create demand.

I currently work for an awesome outdoor gear company called Oztent, making high-speed-no-drag tents. In the past, I've taught at the University of Technology Sydney, worked on highly immersive exhibits at The Power House Museum, and helped in designing an elevator from earth to space at Liftport.

When I’m not making cool stuff, I’m with my fiancé Thinn Thinn. We make things, explore places, and take lots of pictures together.

I received my Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design from UTS, in Sydney, Australia and I got my Associate of Arts in Industrial Design, from the Art Institute of Seattle, in Seattle, USA. This website contains brief information on who I am, what I do, some ideas I subscribe to, and a few examples of what I've done.

If you want to see my complete body of work, please visit my Behance profile. I'm also on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Medium.

Sounds harsh, but it's true. Visions and ideas for a project are simply dreams. A well-rendered set of images, an carefully laid our business plan, or a working prototype are all a great start but it's not the solution. Companies need results, and the end users of their products demand promises to be kept.

The most important thing I learned in the past few years is the need to work on products and their promotion simultaneously. Products don't sell without proper promotion and engaging advertisements are worthless without an actually good product at their core.

"Left to his own devices he couldn't build a toaster. He could just about make a sandwich and that was it." - Mostly Harmless, Douglas Adams, 1992.

This is the humorous quote from one of my favourite books that I often share with my students and colleagues. It takes an entire civilisation to build something as every-day as a toaster. The "design hero" is a dangerous myth.

I learned this the hard way, and today I can say with full confidence and authority that, it takes a team and nothing less to create something exceptional.

If everyone is doing something one way, it is precisely the reason to do it another way.

Thriving in a constant state of change has become my most powerful asset. It has allowed me to adapt to different circumstances, partnerships and technologies. It’s now a unique philosophy that I bring to people, to help them challenge convention and create demand.

  1. Cook Stove Design Competition, Runner-up.
    Cornell University. USA. 2013.

  2. Adobe Creative Cover Competition.
    Adobe Systems. Australia. 2013.

  3. Brand Engagement Competition.
    Strategy First Journal. Myanmar. 2012.

  4. Casey Hyun Industrial Design Graduate Award.
    University of Technology Sydney. Australia. 2009.

  5. Carl Nielsen Professional Development Award.
    University of Technology Sydney. Australia. 2007.

  6. Best Graduating Portfolio.
    Art Institute Of Seattle. USA. 2004.

  7. Product Design and Model Making, 2nd Place.
    Association of Professional Model Makers. USA. 2003.

  8. Design Scholarship.
    Art Institute Of Seattle. USA. 2002.

  9. Distinguished Christian Artist Award.
    Association of Christian Schools International. USA. 2002.

  10. Recognition for Excellence in Art.
    Bank of America. USA. 2002.

I believe the most successful products, services, and brands are designed around inspired ideas, intelligent organisation, and attention to detail. My approach is holistic, bringing together all of my expertise and knowledge together to create experiences that engage customers, express unique personalities, and in the end, achieve business success.

I believe inspiration may or may not lead to productivity but productivity always lead to inspiration. So I make to think and think to make in all my 3 areas of expertise:

A product is the front-line relationship between a user and a maker. Designing a highly functional and desirable object, is only the start. Products today, need to go beyond function and act as a mean of connection.

My interest and expertise lies in developing concepts and specifications that optimise function, value, and aesthetics of products to enhance this connection.

A lasting emotional overlap between your offerings and the needs of your audience is the foundation of great brands. I create visual and verbal communication tools that make brands and their stories vivid and appealing, resulting in the overlap.

Visual Communication covers the development of brand identities, web sites, applications, print advertisements, brochures, and much more.

It is important to express your message in the most visually striking way possible.

Photographs approach the viewer directly. They are “easy” to understand as they show familiar elements and allow viewers to envision themselves in the scene. Illustrations can relay visionary, abstract, or complex concepts and ideas, as they can go beyond physical characteristics.

Important Note: Currently I am not accepting any free-lance contracts as I intend to focus my time on my full time work, and a few passion projects that I've simply "talked" about for too long.


"The Jet Tent combines smart engineering with aircraft-quality materials and mechanisms to make tent setup a breezy affair — something that’s all too often lacking in large, multi-person tents" - Gear Patrol

The High Speed No Drag Jet Tents are light-weight, and high speed, yet robust and livable structures. My involvement in the project has been from concept to production, and photography to web design.

Finished in 100% waterproof guaranteed rip-stop polycotton canvas with corrosion resistant alloy parts. Features include attached guy ropes, heavy-duty zippers, waterproof heat sealed PVC tub flooring, and double stitched and fully taped seams. All Jet Tents come with a zippered carry bag made with waterproof materials and adjustable webbed handles for easy handling.


Formula SAE is a competition where student teams from around the world design, build, and compete a Formula-style race car.

Car 55 is our 2007 entry representing UTS.

Tech Specs
75 m acceleration run in 5.6 seconds. Weight = 280kg (wet). Water-cooled inline four Yamaha R6. Carbon fiber body. Pneumatic 6-speed sequential gearbox.


Tethered Towers is a communications project by Liftport Inc. specializing in the development and distribution of aerial communication platforms and operational service packages. Systems are focused on providing local lift for 25 lbs. to 40 lbs. of communication equipment to between 150 and 300 feet in less than 2 hours, with service reliability up to 10 days. Second generation products target altitudes between 500 and 1,000 feet with longer durability and greater cargo capacity. Third generation products are designed to meet atmospheric conditions in the 1 to 5 mile range, and fourth generation products to 6-20 miles and higher.

I was primarily involved in concept design, concept visualisation, prototype development, and organisation of product tests such as equipment check lists and airspace coordination with The United States Federal Aviation Association.


I have a grandmother who's been the producer and director of a small theatre troupe called The Myanmar Cultural Variety Show for decades. She called me one Friday evening and asked if I can build a website for her.

I had a lot on my plate at the time but I really wanted to do something new, exciting, and immersive for this project. The reason being is that I am a fan of Myanmar dance theatre and Myanmar arts in general, and I have long felt like it's under-represented. I was also tired of the shamefully popular concept that media produced by foreigners about Myanmar culture is a lot better then local productions.

So I got myself together and gave a harsh deadline of 5 hours to deliver something immersive, dynamic, and exciting but simple and clean for The Myanmar Cultural Variety Show.

Myanmar dance theatre emphasizes on incredibly dynamic and demanding postures, not movement. The Orchestra’s cornerstone is the 31 piece percussion set, not strings. What that means is with every step in Myanmar dance, the dancers fly out at incredible speeds and land in superhero postures, synchronized to the sound of drums. My website had to embody that.

I arrived at the the idea of using parallax scrolling. I had the buttons or scrolling, act like the drums. So when I click or scroll, the site FLYS out like the dancers do and rest at anchors featuring incredibly dynamic page layouts.


Focus is a conference that aims to equip and inspire people to communicate the timeless message of the gospel to culture through visual communication. It's mission is to see a missional generation rise up with creative gifts enlarged and unleashed in culture.

Hoping to find inspiration for the logo, I decided to field strip my DSLR camera and started playing with the shutter. I noticed how the shutter door is rigged to snap at lightning quick speeds. I thought maybe I could create something to embody the speed at which we’re recording, and publishing media today, and the rate at which our ideas and views on things are changing as a result.

My first attempt was to put dots in between, hoping it will look like flashes. It didn’t. In my second attempt I used forward slashes to represent the shutter. In my third, I split every letter diagonally. I liked the look but it was too busy, and it slowed down the reading instead of speeding it up. Finally I decided to shorten the reading time by splitting the “O” and the “C” with a diagonal line.


Green is a Nu-Myanmar restaurant that recently opened in Mandalay, Myanmar. The restaurant owner approached me for the branding design. Throughout the first meeting, the client repeatedly mentioned the large shady trees that surrounded the venue and it's extraordinary outdoor seating.

Various leafy designs were explored but the solutions looked far too conventional. The idea for the final solution finally came together from a literal translation of the common word "tree fork".


My Industrial Design background and my interest in Illustration came together in a niche abality to produce highly immersive, and engaging technical illustrations such as Instructional Manuals, Assembly Drawings, and Info-graphics. These illustrations are normally given little care, as they are only for internal or production use. However I am a firm believer that everything, communicates something, and internal communication documents are still communication documents. And as these documents are often so crucial for the overall quality of the products and services provided, they deserve to be treated with the highest level of craft.


Illustration for Man Of God Conference, a conference for men focusing on lessons from the Life of King David, as revealed in Scripture.

Initially I gathered various images of David as illustrated throughout history but none really showed the David that I see when I read the stories.

As such, I proceeded to illustrate a ruddy and handsome, but battle tested and combat ready David in an early Lucas film poster style.


I created a set of custom brushes to use in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6. It’s based on the tools I normally use and the way I sketch in my sketch books.

You can download it here.


The Walls of Jerusalem is a national park in Tasmania, Australia. The park takes its name from the geological features of the park which are thought to resemble the walls of the city of Jerusalem. As a result many places and features within the park also have Biblical references for names, such as Herods Gate, Lake Salome, Solomons Jewels, Damascus Gate, the Pool of Bethesda.

The images above are taken over a 3 nights back packing trip.

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